I appreciate that we had the opportunity to have Patrick provide his perspective of the needs in education. Phrases such as "changing beliefs, collaborative efforts, provide the tools and have them produce, social networking" were repeated frequently. These phrases are relevant and important to advance technology in the classroom. The most important phrase is the collaborative effort. In order to make this change requires leadership that clearly defines and keeps everyone focused on the values behind the advancement of technology. Leadership must show the relevance and the positive impact it will have on the student's future. Opportunities to engage in discussion to voice concerns and fears, should be provided. Collaborative efforts from staff , learning from each other and sharing ideas for solutions to problems encountered must take place in order to advance thinking.


Karen Renee said...

It's mind boggling, isn't it?

Markel said...

I agree, Vicki. But what will be the catalyst that gives this effort a sense of urgency?