Net Savvy
I keyed in to the phrase "information universe"and "information literacy". We now have access to anything we want to investigate from Buddhism to recipes for carmel apples. Unfortunately, we have access to "making a terrorist" and "making bombs". We can buy and sell (both good and bad products) from a global market. It provides the freedom to learn about and access the world without traveling from our home. Along with this bombardment of information that is being generated at such a rapid pace, there is a danger of not being able to sort for truth and accuracy. The net is rapidly becoming a part of our culture, and I can respect that. I like that it has become a social network but I'm hesitant to rely on this as the only way to socialize. We need to encourage face to face social interaction. Working cooperatively together (professional learning communities) Bringing this back to leadership practices, I think balancing face to face and cyperspace interactions is required. People don't know how to work together face to face, sharing ideas openly-it takes practice and time. As a leader I would strive to maintain this balance between face to face interaction and net socialization.


Nate Maas said...

I like your thinking. I believe it's important to take students beyond their comfort zone, even if their comfort zone is being tech savvy. It's just the reverse thinking of trying to take a teacher who is only comfortable with face-to-face interaction and making them tech literate.

Markel said...

I agree with you, Vicki. It's scary to see how socially inept our kids are becoming. We have to also prepare them to be able to function in the world.